GLS-1500 Series

The TS-100 series is based on the concept of compact size and high speed turning power with a 30° true slant bed which enables easy loading and unloading operations and excellent chip disposal. The standard gang type tool holder can be mixed and matched with an 8-station turret or live tooling turret, providing maximum productivity and exibility for various machining applications.

The modern 30° slant bed design with the headstock mounted on the guideways can shorten the transmission path of cutting force while stabilizing the cutting capacity.

Slide ways are bonded with “Turcite B” to eliminate stick-slip, minimize wear and maintain long term ccuracy.
Rapids are 24 m/min on X & Z-axis.

The auto lubrication system delivers metered amounts of lubrication to the slide ways, ball screws, and vital components. Distribution is automatically shut off during idling to prevent waste.


Casting structure of TS-100 model shown


The TS-100 series is equipped with standard gang type tool holding system, which increases the cutting eciency and exibility. The maximum capacity is 8 inner-diameter cutting tools working at the same time.

Optional 8-station Turret

Ø 120 mm ( 4.72” ) diameter super high precision curvic couplings accurately position the turret disk and clamping force ensures abundant turret rigidity for all cutting conditions.

Optional 8-station Live Tooling Turret

Goodway’s live tooling turret utilize the latest servo indexing technology to achieve 0.2 second indexing times
for adjacent stations and 0.5 second for stations at the opposite end of the disk.

Part Conveyor & Parts Catcher

The optional parts catcher can be programmed to catch nished parts after cut-o. A part conveyor system is also available.


Esteemed Customers

Sundaram Clayton, Audco India,L&T, Kirlosker Toyota, Punjab Tractors,Rico Auto, Oswal Electricals, Rockman Cycles, Aurangabad Electricals (Bajaj Group), Spaco Carburettor, Crompton Greaves

and many medium and small scale industries with a total population of more than 450 machines all over India.