• * Standard spindle speed 10,000 rpm (BT#30)
    8,000 rpm (BT#40)
    * Three axes rapid traverse 48/48/48 m/min
    * High speed tool change (tool to tool)
    1.6 seconds (#30), 1.8 seconds (#40)
    * Rigid tapping 4,000 rpm (BT#30)
    3,000 rpm (BT#40)
    * Spindle tapper BT#30, BT#40
    * Direct-drive spindle



Perfect Structure Design!
High Speed without Vibration!

Three Axes Roller Linear Ways
Extra Smooth Movement!
Maximum Stability!

* All structural parts are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron with thorough stress relief. This features outstanding of structure without deformation.
* Three axes slideways are equipped with HIWIN roller type linear guide ways.
* Traveling column, oversized base and light moving parts permit high speed travel without vibration.
* Stable automatic pallet change. Fully traveling column on 3 axes. One-piece constructed oversized base provides extra large span between slideways, Ensuring extremely smooth movement of Y-axis. X-axis acceleration / deceleration is over 1G without vibration.
* The increased height of moving parts shortens the distance from the spindle nose to blocks on 3 axes linear ways. This results in optimal rigidity during cutting.

Precise, Fast Pallet Change


* The high precision pallet change is achieved through a 3-piece coupling positioning mechanism.
* The pallet change is fully electric driven combined with cam indexing. Pallet change is quickly accomplished in only 4 seconds with maximum stability.
* The machine is provided with a rotary cylinder. Each working area can be equipped with one set of air system (hydraulic system optional) for mounting jig.

High Speed, High Precision Spindle


* Choice of BT#30 and BT#40 spindles. Each model is mounted with a direct-drive spindle, featuring low noise, low vibration and high performance.
* Choice of spindle speed from 10,000 rpm to 24,000 rpm to meet various cutting requirements.
* Available to use spindle motor with extra low inertia for minimum acceleration / deceleration time. Spindle running from 0 to 15,000 rpm only needs 0.65 seconds, significantly increasing tapping efficiency.
High Speed, High Precision Spindle

Efficient Magazine


* Standard loading capacity of the magazine is 24 tools. For BT#30 tool shank, the loading capacity is 20 tools. The use of hydraulic tool releasing system features high stability. Tool change is quickly accomplished with smooth tool change motion.
Efficient Magazine

Control Panel User-friendly Operational Control!


* The control panel design meets human engineering theorem and CE regulations, and is easy to operate.
* A separated control panel is provided between working area and magazine operation area for added convenience of operation.

Standard Fully-sealed Electric Cabinet


* In compliance with CE standards, the electric cabinet is equipped with rubber fitting around the opening such design ensures consistent conditions within the electric cabinet so that extend lifetime of the electric components.

Machine Specifications
NC Specifications
Standard Machine Features
  • # Spindle air blow device.
    # Double PL lights for working area and parts change area.
    # Tool coolant system and big flow chip flushing system.
    # Pressure detected automatic lubrication system and precision lubrication oil filter.
    # LED high brightness dual-color alarm light.
    # One-piece double layer heat isolated electric cabinet includes heat exchanger.
    # Tool kits and tools.
    # Table with twin working area.
    # Pneumatic type table distributor. Each working area is equipped with one set of air circuit.
Optional Accessories
  • * High speed spindle BT#40, 15000 rpm.
    BT#30, 24000 rpm.
    * Extra low inertia spindle motor.
    * Increase motor power.
    * High pressure coolant through spindle.(20 BAR)
    * Automatic tool length measurement with breaking detection.
    * 4th axis rotary table (for both working tables also).
    * Thermal compensation system.
    * Transformer, regulator.
Working Table Size



Esteemed Customers

Sundaram Clayton, Audco India,L&T, Kirlosker Toyota, Punjab Tractors,Rico Auto, Oswal Electricals, Rockman Cycles, Aurangabad Electricals (Bajaj Group), Spaco Carburettor, Crompton Greaves

and many medium and small scale industries with a total population of more than 450 machines all over India.