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CHF System
HV Generators


CHF is an innovative series of directional and panoramic radiological equipment for radiography, industrial fluoroscopy, irradiation and dosimetry.
It features constant potential and operates at high frequency (25 kHz) with a Cokroft-Walton type solid state voltage multiplier circuit.
The equipment in the series consists of: generator, X-Ray tubehead, HT cable, control unit and cooling system.

Generators in the CHF series guarantee independence from power supply variations, extremely contained ripple and maximum reliability of operative conditions insuring reliable results.
The CHF series X-ray housings encompass all imaging needs from 160kV to 450kV.



CHF series tubeheads are available in different power, directional and panoramic versions for all radiography and fluoroscopy systems.
The CHF tube heads use either water circulation cooling (unipolar tube heads) or oil circulation cooling (bipolar tube heads). These cooling systems allow for continuous operation of the tube heads.

Aion monoblocs
AION 160 has been designed and developed to satisfy most fluoroscopy control requirements.
Thanks to its innovative electronic control, its feedback system provides an extremely accurate and repeatable result.
AION system with an innovative x-ray and high-performance its a strong and robustness, make it the ideal generator.
The high frequency and the possibility of working at constant power,can makes suitable for use in cabins of X-rays, automated systems, etc. The different configurations of power and different output ray-x output can be easily integrated into existing projects.
Aion 90
The new systems AION 90 high-power, complete the range of monoblock x-ray Gilardoni for the industry.
The solidity and reliability characteristics of this generator make it ideal for the most critical operative conditions.
The high-frequency and constant potential operation make AION especially suitable for X-ray cabinets, automatic control systems, etc.
The monobloc of the series AION can be configured with cooling air heat or chilled water.

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